Journey Bird Social


At Journey Bird Social,

 our outlook on life and work is captured perfectly in simple words: 

“Stand Out and Aim High”. It is both an attitude and a call to action –

A reminder to take risks, push boundaries, and strive for excellence no matter the challenge.

We value self-confidence and humble ambition over complacency and mediocrity. Our goal is to bring out the best in everyone we come in contact with so that we can all stand out and aim high!



At Journey Bird Social, our pricing model is BESPOKE to every potential client and partner. From the very first contact, we get to know each unique project, develop trust and collaboration with each of our partners in order to deliver the best prices that reflect their digital ambitions and goals.

Toward these ends, we stand out, aim high and utilize creative digital strategies that bring forth total customer satisfaction. We believe that this approach is core to all successful relationships with our partners no matter what type of project they require.

30 Day Free Masterclass

Become a social media manager.
Our 30 day crash course covers all of the basics needed to ace social media marketing and have a competitive edge. Hurry up and sign-up now as space is limited!

Did you know the average social media manager makes an average of $550 per client for posting 3 times a week on 3 platforms!.  The typical small business will be willing to invest in themselves and social media marketing. The ROI speaks for itself human beings are social beings and love interaction with interesting and engaging individuals and companies. This means you will convert more just by being a nice person and showing a little bit of love each day to you or your clients target audience.