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Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of social media you need to manage?

We can help! Journey Bird is a social media automation tool that makes it easy to post content to all your social media accounts quickly and easily. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting to post again.

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As one of the leading social media management platforms, Journey Bird has established itself as a trusted source for businesses and individuals who want to manage their online presence effectively. Making use of innovative algorithms and cutting-edge tools, Journey Bird provides users with detailed analytics reports, real-time monitoring capabilities, and an intuitive interface that makes it easy to stay on top of all their social media accounts.

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Whether you’re looking to grow your followers, increase your engagement rate, or track the success of your marketing campaigns, Journey Bird has everything you need to succeed. So why wait? The journey bird awaits!

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Growing Your Business

With Social Media Automation & Reputation Management

Social media automation and reputation management are two topics that are absolutely vital to businesses today. The rapid rise of social media has made it easier than ever for companies and brands to interact with their customers and build a strong, loyal following. However, with so many platforms and tools available, it can be tough for companies to keep up with the constant changes and updates in social media.

Our Solution

To an increasingly digital world

To solve this problem, businesses have turned to all in one automation tools that allow them to:

Not only does automating these important tasks help companies stay on top of their social media endeavors, but it also helps them maintain a positive reputation online.

Like a bird navigating its way along the journey of life, smart businesses know the importance of using technology wisely to achieve success both personally and professionally.

Social Media Campaign Benefits

Brand recognition & exposure

Your social media followers or browsers are in an environment where they are comfortable. It is the very best place for you to place your brand and have them take notice.

Grow your marketing power

You don’t need followers, as our business profilers will include relevant hashtags that will get your brand into relevant conversations, however, as your followers increase your marketing power increases.

Getting ahead of competitors

Do your competitors use social media? If they are engaging well in the social networks then you must get involved or you risk being left behind and losing your audience to your competition.

Improving your authority

When people see you have a busy social network with hints and trivia relating to your chosen business field they will automatically associate it with authority.


Google has placed more and more importance on what is commonly referred to as "social signals". You need to be actively engaged in social media to get any of those benefits.

Return on investment

You should be able to track the improvement in website visitors to sale ratio and see it increase as well as see more visitors over time directly from your social media accounts.

Enhancing your trustworthiness

It shows professionalism and authority, and displays that your site is “open for business”.

No time to create content?

No problem.

Not only will you be able to save time, but you’ll also be able to improve your online reputation. With Journey Bird, you can easily track who is talking about your brand online and respond quickly and effectively. Sign up for a free trial today and see how easy it is to get started!